Coaching your people to better health

Liminal Health connects people affected by chronic conditions to remote health coaches and personalised content, providing them with the support needed for better outcomes — both for them and for your business

Why Liminal health coaching?

We help fill a gap in a person's road to recovery. While medical treatments and therapy are often covered by an employee's healthcare coverage, lifestyle and behavioural change is a critical gap health coaching fills.

Health coaches can make real and lasting change in employee health and company health-related spending, by helping to avert or effectively manage cancer, diabetes, IBS, long COVID and other long-term health conditions. 

We provide services that support better outcomes

Better health outcomes

Health coaching bridges the gap between healthcare and healthy behaviours; leading to better outcomes than wellness programmes without health coaching (1).

Lowers costs

141.2 million working days were lost in the UK  last year due illness or injury. If you employ 500 people or more your cost for long term sick leave could be at least £620,000 per year (2).

Attracts and retains talent

Healthy people are happier, more productive and last longer in their careers.

(1) Source: National Library of Medicine 2015 study and (2) Source: Office for National Statistics 2018 study

Our featured coaches

How we vet our coaches



Minimum of 3 years of health and life coaching experience



From one of the leading health coaching associations


Top Rated & Reviewed

Positive reviews, top ratings and referrals 



Collective knowledge across a range of health topics that cover mind, body and social


Digital DNA

An excellent handling of digital solutions and technology


Values Alignment

All coaches adhere to our code of ethics, values and  and ways of working

Top accredited coaching associations

Testimonials from patients and customers

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