I will support, inform and guide you through adopting a lifestyle that allows you to visualise and take the steps towards your goals. Wherever you are on your journey with a long-term condition, I’m here to help.

Caro Jaramillo


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I’m a full-time healthy lifestyle advocate, on a mission to spread the word about the best medicine: healthy life habits.

During the past few years I’ve been helping people to build new, positive habits. Through my coaching I’ve supported them to improve their fitness, self-confidence and daily routines so they can feel better, live healthier lives.

I truly believe in the extraordinary power our body and mind have to make us feel good, even to heal – if we provide them with what is needed. I aim to help and inspire, support and guide not only cancer patients but people around them too.


I’m here to support you in your dreams, your vision and your goals. We’ll work together on your self-knowledge and self-consciousness through self-observation, with a final objective of self-management.

The idea is that at the end of this process you can make your own decisions, and that you feel good about your daily routines, the relationship you have with food and fitness; and the relationship you have with yourself.

Caro’s coaching hours are best to be booked from 3-8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Customer Reviews

Thanks to Caro’s help, to all her knowledge and experience, I managed to create not only a routine for myself where I can improve physically and mentally, but I’ve also improved the well-being of my family. It is a very complete program for those who are willing to change their life!!


Her coaching style empowers the coachee to make decisions and change from within rather than forcing you to do things. I would seriously advise anyone who is in need of guidance and a bit of a push to call Caro and have her helping you reach your health goals. Thanks Caro!


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