My mission is to inspire & empower you to unleash the best version of yourself because life is too short!

Caroline Emile

Happiness & Fulfilment Coach

About me

My experience

Experiencing my own personal long-term condition has fuelled me to more zealously pursue my mission of empowering individuals on every continent to unleash the best – or butterfly – version of themselves, so that they do not share a similar experience to me.

I believe that happiness is a choice regardless of our external circumstances – including when experiencing chronic and long-term health conditions. I’m passionate about supporting others to cultivate this skill as I believe that prolonged unhappiness can have major negative consequences in every area of our life, including our health, and therefore that maximising our happiness significantly enhances our response to treatment.

Through applying my knowledge and practical tools from the outset to my own treatment journey, I was able to quickly achieve clarity and enjoy more control of my experience. This not only enabled me to beat my own long-term condition but to also seize it as an opportunity to transform my life to better align with my innate purpose, which has so far taken me to becoming a TEDX and international inspirational speaker and author.


As a Co-Active Coach, I hold space for you to activate your inner leader to navigate your way back to clarity and confidence. I will gently yet firmly support you to take one decision at a time to reduce your overwhelm, fear and sense of limitation so that you feel more empowered  to design your unique journey through a chronic and long-term illness on your own terms.

I’ll also help you to process the rollercoaster of emotions that you may often find difficult to share with your loved ones, out of fear of judgement or to avoid upsetting them, and to boost your awareness of any emotional and behavioural patterns that may have led to the diagnosis.

And – whenever you are ready – I will help you to transform your life to a more heart-centered one where your authentic self is fully unleashed.
Be prepared to have some fun during our sessions!  

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