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My work involves spending time to understand all the dynamics in play for you. I use food as medicine and key life skills to shed light and deepen your understanding so you can feel more in control of your own health and sense of wellbeing. My goal is to help you feel like yourself again.

Fran McElwaine

Functional Health Consultant and Health Coach

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I have worked as a Coach for the last 7 years following my own health issues that led to metabolic syndrome and the threat of diabetes.  I have trained in Health Coaching, Life Coaching and Functional Medicine so have a thorough understanding of both the science and the emotion of chronic disease and how to leverage both to achieve outstanding outcomes for my clients. My training, in conjunction with the learning gained from working with hundreds of people over these years, as well as supporting my husband through his own cancer diagnosis and treatment, has allowed me to bring a deep understanding to the table.


The ‘one size fits all’ approach to nutrition and health manifestly does not work.  What suits one person, does not necessarily suit everybody else.  By taking an individualised approach I am able to unlock your unique health code  and co-create with you the perfect lifestyle prescription, one that that is adapted to your specific needs, goals and situation.  What a difference it makes to have someone in your corner who is able to disrupt negative internal narratives and help you overcome self-sabotage so that you can be free to make the choices that match your goals and stick with them long enough to see real, sustainable change.

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What clients say?

Customer Reviews
I could not recommend Fran enough, I feel like I am finally getting my life back again! After years of constant illness (awful headaches, sinusitis, brain fog, allergic reactions, anxiety, depression, severe food allergies and weight gain), I had give up all hope of being well again and leading a normal life, but now I finally feel understood and listened to and I am now on the right protocol for me to restore my health.
Felicity Merrick
Fran is just the loveliest, most supportive practitioner who’ knowledge on health, wellness, nutrition and all things good, is immense. The help and support I’ve received is second to none, especially considering I have some complex autoimmune issues that I’m dealing with, Frans has been available every step of the way to bounce questions past, suggest recipes and give ongoing support. I am so happy to have found Fran to set me off on my healing journey.
Tanya Castle

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