Lifestyle changes to support a long term condition can be overwhelming. I am here to inspire, inform and small step guide you to make the habit change you need. I will make your journey feel comfortable, achievable and most importantly sustainable.

Jamie Douglas

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

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I’m a practice what I preach healthy lifestyle coach with a masters in public health nutrition and degree in sport, health & exercise. My family tree is a mixture of ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 diabetes, which drove me to a 3.5 year health coaching career in supporting children, adults, women & men to better manage long term conditions including T2D, T1D, certain cancers, obesity and certain cardiovascular diseases.


I am here to listen and sensitively nudge you to the right behaviour change approach we feel is for you. Together we will build consistency, self awareness, informed knowledge, inspiration and ability to create healthy habit change to support your long term health needs. I will mentor you to take action when it comes to healthy lifestyle change, changing mindset & normalising slip ups so we can embed fitness, nutrition or behaviour change goals to become your new norm. Jamie’s coaching hours are best to be booked from 6-8.30pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday 1-4pm.

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Customer Reviews
Jamie was great, he gently kept me on track with most weekly goals and made me realise that a few setbacks is normal, what matters is the ability and mind to come back and keep it going. Enjoyed learning about the connection between lifestyle choices like sleep and nutrition
He really showed me the psychology to achieve the exercise and food goals I wanted. I am still following my nutrition and exercise lifestyle changes, he really had a number of ways to break down barriers for me. Thank you Jamie.

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