I will work with you in a warm and empathetic way to help you develop a powerful mindset so that you are able to overcome any challenges you are facing from your long-term health condition, whether that be fear, overwhelm, stress, decision-making, emotional distress or uncertainty.

Marie Wright

Transformation and Mindset Coach

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My passion is in helping people understand who they really are, as well as in supporting them to create a strong mindset, so that they have absolute clarity, peace of mind and a real sense of inner calm despite the not insignificant difficulties and decisions they will face throughout, as well as after their illness and treatment. This means they can prioritise what is important and respond in a way that aligns with their values, so they are able to make powerful choices for themselves and their families.

A key part of my coaching is to focus on your well-being so that you are as mentally and physically strong as you can possibly be. Through supporting individuals with long-term conditions, I understand the rollercoaster of emotions that come with a diagnosis. Everyone is different and will have their own unique circumstances and concerns. I will help you acknowledge and address all these challenges and work with you to create and establish the best possible solutions. This could include financial worries, concern for your children, the effect of your illness on your partner, anxieties around your work, or even day to day practical issues.

Most importantly, I offer a safe space where you can simply talk or vent with someone who truly listens and hears you.


My coaching style is relaxed but supportive. I aim to put you at ease right from the beginning so that you are able to gain valuable insights and life-changing ‘a-ha’ moments, which will enable you to make clear choices, be decisive and overcome challenges in a powerful way.

I am warm, direct and honest, building a strong rapport with every individual, which acts as the catalyst for real action and makes all the difference to the coaching experience and outcome.

Whilst sensitive and empathetic to each individual’s difficult situation, I am also positive and enthusiastic, leading individuals to build their own vision, clarity and solutions, based on their unique circumstances and personality.

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Anxiety & Stress


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Customer Reviews
Marie is like a breath of fresh air. Her objectivity was impressive; her intuitive nature and authenticity invaluable; as was her ability to challenge my thoughts with just the right amount of sensitivity, humour and knowledge. Yet what really wowed me was Marie's ability to listen. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that had I not had coaching sessions with Marie, I would not be in my current state of contentment and happiness. She is an exceptional coach.
My time with Marie over the last year has been life changing. She has armed me with the right tools and mindset to overcome challenges that historically had me feeling consumed and often stressed. My coaching sessions with Marie have had a huge impact on my personal life: dealing with trauma, pressure, and anxiety. So whatever type of coaching you need, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

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