Ruth Saunders

Giving you control and options for managing your long-term health condition and work through a safe space where you can hit the ‘pause button’ and take time to think.

Ruth Saunders

Transformation & Career Coach

About me

My experience

Coaching conversations at key moments in my personal and professional life helped me see things differently and I know resulted in me making better decisions. The power of those meetings led me to professional coaching to empower people at a time of change where the road ahead looks confused or dark. That same desire to support drives me to provide a tailor-made experience for every client I’m lucky enough to work with.

I have managed and supported colleagues facing long-term health conditions. My leadership experience in a FTSE 100 business over 25 years ensures the solutions you generate are grounded in the real world enabling you to have the ‘difficult’ conversations and continuing to contribute.

Finally it’s important to say that we don’t ignore your personal life in your plans. Virtual working gives opportunities to manage your ‘whole life’ so that you can be yourself at all times.


My coaching style is highly supportive but with purpose so that you can get to tangible outcomes.

Through a series of conversations in a truly safe space you can freely express feelings and thoughts to make sense of what’s going on in order to generate ideas and see clearly what that next step looks like. This means you feel in control and it improves your confidence. You may not be able to change the situation you find yourself in but you can manage how you respond to it.

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What clients say?

Customer Reviews
Ruth is very patient, listens and then replays everything you say in a way that just makes so much sense. That in particular helped me in formulating my thoughts, but also with building my confidence.
Ruth has been coaching me for a number of years, including helping me transition through a career change into a different sector as well as supporting me through specific strategic challenges at work. I have always found Ruth to be incredibly supportive and she really helps me focus on what is important to me as a person. She is also amazing at listening, understanding and making me feel good about myself!

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