I will guide you to understand how your mind works, cultivate a more positive relationship with yourself, gain clarity about what you really want and take action to transition with confidence into a happier, more meaningful and balanced life.

Simone Della Chiesa

TransformatIONAL & Mindfulness coach

About me

My experience

I’ve always found helping people incredibly fulfilling. I spent the first years of my career working as a global consultant. I loved listening to and understanding people’s concerns, making sense of information and working together to define the necessary steps that could lead to a better future. 

It was fun. I was good. Everything was fine. But a part of me knew that something wasn’t right, something was missing. I wanted to keep doing what I do best: helping people. But I wanted to do it for a higher purpose. I wanted to make a real and deep impact on the lives of individuals. I wanted to coach.

As a transformative coach, I found my realm in the mind. I am fascinated by human consciousness and passionate about helping people understand how their mind works and how they can cultivate a more collaborative, peaceful and beneficial relationship with it.

In the words of Peter, one of my coachees: “You are the tour guide of my mind. You are the one that shows me around and explains what each thing is and how does it work”.

Fast forward a few years, I have a track record of clients who have cultivated a calmer, more positive mindset, gained clarity about who they are and what they really want, and took action to transition with confidence into a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Bespoke coaching creates miracles. It sounds pretentious but it’s true. You have all the answers you need, and I am gifted at guiding you to find them. You have power, passion and the right to succeed, and I am an expert in helping you unleash your full potential. You have a beautiful mind, and my passion is to take you to the greatest level of consciousness.

If you are determined to create a happier life, let’s talk and explore if working together is a good fit.


I support people with passion, commitment and honesty. Together, we will discover what is holding you back, overcome your obstacles, break old habits, build confidence, face your fears, and take steps towards being who you really want to be, do what gives you purpose, and turn your dreams into reality.

I do not aim at being a quick-fix solution to your current problems, making you feel better momentarily. My role is to provoke you to become better by growing a balanced, long-lasting, more mature and wise mindset. Coaching creates lifelong changes in how you experience life, and what you are able to achieve. The transformational benefit is not short-term; it can reside in you and last a lifetime…..long after the coaching program itself is over.

Whatever the reason you are willing to give your best for, if you place your trust in me, I will help, support and encourage you in moving forward and achieving a more balanced, happier life.

Areas of Focus

Mindfulness & Happiness


Purpose & Fulfilment


Emotion Management


What clients say?

Customer Reviews
When I began my journey 8 months ago, I was lost. I did not have much direction regarding my future. After the completion of the journey with Simone, I am happily settled into a job, relationship, and life that aligns with my values. I am more self-confident, accepting, and emotionally stable. I feel like I am ready for anything life throws my way! The biggest strength I have taken away is to be okay with myself. My increased confidence helps my life in many ways, and has also positively impacted those around me.
Caitlin Jilly
If you are serious about embarking on an inspiring journey of personal growth, I cannot imagine a better guide than Simone. He’ll offer you the tools for taking action, ask the right questions, give you the encouragement to believe that certain things can actually be better. That you can be better. He helped me to understand myself in a more genuine way so I can pursuit what I really care about. And he helped me to discover and practice the crucial skill of learning how to live in the present.
Juan Paullier

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